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Curriculum Vitae (English)

Professional background

In 2001-2002 I studied the art of bronze casting and was trained by the Danish sculptor and bronze caster Ib Braun. In 2003, I attended a supplementary course at bronze caster Peter Jensen from Leif Jensen’s Bronze Foundry. In addition to this, I have attended several patination courses.


Artistic background

Throughout the years, I have studied at art schools (courses of durations up to 2 years) and attended courses in various art forms such as drawing, painting, sculpture, ceramics, glass as well as bronze casting, being the art form closest to my heart.



Working with bronze casting, I use the cire-perdue method, a process I am very comfortable with, as it provides possibility for reflection and absorption in the art.


Bronze Casting

Sculptures are made in my own workshop. Please contact me for quotations for special assignments.



Classes are given in glass fusing etc. to members of The Danish Association of Visual Artists (DBF) and FOF.

Yearly classes in drawing and painting on the island Fanoe.

Classes in bronze casting.


Lectures and ”closing time meetings”

Lectures on art as well as visits to my workshop, a studio or a gallery can be arranged.


When I paint,

I enjoy becoming absorbed in the art through the use of old methods of colour pigmentation and binding material direct on the canvas. This method gives a very special picture effect.


The same goes for my ceramic works, when working with glass, sculpturing or making reliefs in copper or iron. In copper reliefs for instance, the pictures grow from the metal during the working process, the following patination and the finishing.


Special assignments

4 metres relief made in stainless steel for the anniversary of the Rishøj Arena.

Agenda 21 (Environment) – Iron sculptor, 3 metres high (cyclus).



In 2003 I was invited by the Gallery of Contemporary Fine Arts (GSLU) and the Nis City Parliament in Serbia to participate in the yearly Sicevo Art Colony in Serbia. GSLU is a well-reputed museum in Serbia (the smaller equivalent of the Museum of Modern Art i Belgrade).

In 2008 I received a scholarship from the Sonar Foundation for the purpose of studies in Tuscany, Italy of Etruscan art.



Originator of the project ”Aabne Atelier Doere” (Open Studies) in the province of Stevns, Denmark

As a result of this, I am a permanent guest exhibitor in the township Boesdal in Stevns (Kridthuset).


Helligaandshuset, Naestved

Naestved Museum

The Antique Collection, Ribe

The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde

Helligaandshuset, Copenhagen

Rundetaarn, Copenhagen

Galleri Gisselfeld

County Western Zealand, Soroe

House of the Arts, Silkeborg

Oeksnehallen, Copenhagen

Stenlaengegaard, Mern (manor)

The Church of Sct. Bendt, Ringsted

The Art Society Skraaningen, Aalborg

Kulturspinneriet, Silkeborg

Aalborg University

Vaerkstedsgalleriet, Horsens

Vandtaarnet, Nykoebing F

Galleri Expo, Viby J

Museet ved Trelleborg

Sam-Art Exhibitions in Koege in the years 2002,

2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011

Sicevo Exhibition in GSLU, Nis, Serbia (2004)

Gallerie Dragehoej, Fensmark

Gallerie Zieler

Novo Nordisk

Susanne Risom´s Art Shop

The Art Society of the Copenhagen Police

Ulriksholms Castle

H. Lundbeck A/S (pharmaceutical company)

Hvidovre Hospital,

Copenhagen University College of Engineering

The Naestved Nursing School

Galleri Jarsbo, Aarhus etc.

The Sct. Bendt Group, Ringsted

Nordea, Koege

Copenhagen Police

CP Kelco, Lille Skensved


More on:



Member of

Danske Billedkunstneres Fagforening (DBF) - The Danish Association of Visual Artists

Vestsjaellands Arbejdende Kunstvaerksted (VAK) - The Working Art Shop of Western Zealand


Chairman of SAM-ART (a yearly exhibition in the Koege Arena for 80-90 marked artists (


Mentioned in the following books

Kunstnere i Roskilde Amt, 2001 (Artists in Roskilde County, 2001)

Kunstpanorama - om 48 kunstnere i Roskilde Amt, 2006 (Art Panorama – about 48 artists in Roskilde County, 2006)




Erik Vitcetz Smidt lives in Lille Skensved, a few kilometres from Koege

Erik Vitcetz
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